Glue for tiles, marble and granite Teknofay EX

The idea of using ceramic tiles as a finishing coating has long been justified due to its durability, convenience and a huge range of different colors and textures of this facing material. And if the tile itself is chosen depending on the place of its laying, the expected loads and taste preferences, then for the adhesive composition the main requirements are: fast strength gain, high grip strength and high adhesion to the substrate.

The new Teknofay from the Turkish manufacturer Tekno perfectly meets the specified parameters, and we can even, without too much modesty, say that it significantly exceeds them!

Teknofay dry adhesive compound is very easy to prepare, has a mixture life of at least 6 hours, is economical in consumption, is used for horizontal and vertical surfaces, is easy to apply and can be used even in rooms with high humidity and significant temperature differences.

Teknofay ceramic tile adhesive is a high-quality, proven and cost-effective solution for your facing work!

Teknofay C1T Tile Adhesive (grey)

Tile adhesive cement based, with high adhesion strength.

Olga Shulga