Teknokur 100 membrane forming machine for fresh concrete

Warm summer days are just around the corner, which means that the construction season is entering its most active stage. And no matter how comfortable it is to work under the warm rays of the sun, there are still moments that they affect more negatively than positively.

First of all, high temperatures are dangerous for concrete laying works in the open air, as there is a high probability of cracks due to accelerated water loss in the concrete mortar.
But we have a new product that can neutralize such risks!

Teknokur 100 is a new generation membrane-forming agent based on an acrylic emulsion that will help protect freshly laid concrete from such adverse weather conditions as strong wind and high ambient temperature, with a flow rate of only 150-200 ml/m2.



Teknokur 100 harmoniously complements the Tekno line presented in the range of our company and has already established itself as an ideal solution for the protection of freshly laid concrete and industrial floor toppings.

Primer acrylic Teknokur 100

Membranebased acrylic emulsion for the protection of fresh concrete.

Olga Shulga