New! Two-component adhesive Teknobond 220

With pride we present to your attention the long-awaited new Teknobond 220!
This heavy duty two-component adhesive for instant action, on the basis of unsaturated polyester resin with high adhesion. Using Teknobond 220 you will easily be able to stick together or to restore articles of stone, marble and granite. And it is ideal for gluing granite and marble slabs for vertical surfaces, columns and facades of buildings.

Two-component adhesive Teknobond 220 very easy to apply, it has a uniform color, has the highest bond strength, fast curing and well polished, which makes the result of the work with him, reliable, durable and accurate.

We have no doubt that this new model in the line of Tekno will not leave you indifferent. So leave your request on the website or call us at

38 (067) 238-09-88
and we will be happy to help You!

Olga Shulga