Is it necessary to glue linoleum to a concrete floor-a common question? Anyone who has ever rolled out a roll of linoleum on the floor and tried to wait until the coating " smoothes itself and settles down” knows for sure - you need to glue linoleum! Moreover, it is necessary to glue linoleum using a properly selected glue, such as Teknobond 250 acrylic glue .

Simple and easy-to-use acrylic glue does not require additional preparations, it is easily applied to the surface with a trowel with teeth, does not spread and retains its consistency during application. After 2-3 minutes after applying the glue, there is a full-fledged adhesion and you can safely paste the finishing floor covering. Teknobond 250 quickly and firmly grasps, fixing the linoleum in the desired position, allows you to level and lay the rolled coating as tightly as possible.

Ready-to-use acrylic adhesive Teknobond 250 on a water basis is designed directly for gluing such floor coverings as natural linoleum, vinyl, linoleum and rubber coverings, carpet, carpet, quartz-vinyl and cork tiles.

Teknobond 250 glue does not contain solvents and is safe for human health after complete solidification. This adhesive works effectively both in residential and office buildings, medical and social institutions with a large number of visitors, and industrial premises with an intense mechanical load on the floor.

 Properly and timely glued linoleum in such rooms is:

  • safety and convenience of moving visitors
  • cleanliness and neatness of the floor covering
  • strength and durability of linoleum on the floor
  • prevention of bubbles, bloating, and other defects of the loose coating


In order to strengthen the linoleum on the floor and extend the period of its maintenance-free operation in the proper form, it is enough to firmly glue the linoleum at the laying stage, using Teknobond 250 acrylic glue in accordance with the instructions.

Teknobond 250 acrylic glue

Water-based acrylic adhesive for PVC and linoleum floor coverings.

Dmitry Pismenskyi