In private construction often resort to the concreting of the columns with his hands. And also, often, face the defects in the process of their installation.

Consequently, the question arises: How and with what do you can quickly and easily repair concrete column? The answer to this question will be in this article.

To begin with a brief look at what column and for what I need it?

This architectural solution as a column, was first applied in 2650 BC And has been used successfully to this day.

The column has two main functions:

The function of bearing element structures, providing buildings vertical stiffness. Designed for the construction of skeletons of buildings and premises of industrial and administrative, residential and domestic purposes.

The column also serves a decorative function and can give a highlight of the building's exterior and interior.

The shape of the columns can be of different types: round, square, rectangular or shaped, with a cross section.
And depending on the method of manufacture, the columns are divided into two types:

  • Monolithic fully manufactured on the construction site by pouring concrete into molds with the reinforcement.
  • Teams - this is when design is performed at the factory, and then transformered and installed at the construction site.

Each method has its advantages and disadvantages. Of the common is defects that appear during installation of concrete columns and in the course of their operation.

Company TEKNO, all the while conducting research and has developed a special series of products Teknorep - thixotropic non-shrink repair compound for vertical surfaces.

Tekorep 200

Tekorep 300

Tekorep 300 EX

And so, consider the two degrees of repair, the main types of defects and how to resolve them!


Structural repair of columns (defects with a thickness of 10 to 40 mm). Involves carrying out work to restore the strength characteristics and load bearing abilities of the structure.

Chips, dings, cracks, repair of surfaces after removal of opalestiruty clear, completely clean of loose concrete, then cleaned from dust, oil, dirt, rust, mold, grease and waste. Primed and overwritten by the solution Teknorep 300. In the repair of land subject to the constant impacts of the harsh environmental conditions and even those areas that come into contact with sea water (photo support columns of the bridge), use a solution of high strength Teknorep 300 EX.


Important!!! Protection of reinforcement from corrosion is required and before installation of repair materials. To do this, use a corrosion inhibitor Tekno AD.


Cosmetic repair (surface defects with a thickness of 3 to 30 mm)

Peeling of the concrete surface, the appearance of microcracks, gravelly surface, shallow shell - the surface should be prepared for the application, not contain dust, oil, dirt, rust, mold, grease and waste, pre-primed, then line solution Teknorep 200.


Olga Shulga