Repair concrete stairs and steps with your hands

Today, the use of concrete stairs in buildings of different type and purpose, it's very common. This is due to the durability and reliability of the stairs themselves, and the acceleration of the timing of construction and installation works during the construction of buildings.

But given the intensity of exploitation of these elements, with time on the surface of the concrete begin to form various defects – cracks, chips, dings.

The reasons are quite diverse:

  • mechanical damage
  • exposure to chemicals
  • natural aging of materials


And this is not just a cosmetic problem, small cracks and chips there is a further process of destruction of concrete. Chips and potholes are easier faster crumble, they become moisture and other substances. All this together significantly reduces the safe service life of concrete stairs and leads to complex and costly repairs. Therefore, repair concrete stairs and steps necessary to carry out timely and with high quality materials.

For repairing horizontal surfaces of concrete stairs you can use a special repair compound Teknogrout EX, she has a high rate of adhesion to concrete, reinforcement cage and stone. If you need a more versatile composition for fixing problems in the vertical and horizontal plane will use a mixture of Teknorep 300, which is reinforced with polymeric fibers. These mixtures do not shrink, easy to apply, resistant to freezing, defrosting and chemical substances.

Before beginning repairs, you need to carefully study the degree of structural damage. Depending on their complexity, we next determine the complexity of the work and materials used.

Visually, we can define the following types of destruction and damage:

  • chips and dings on the surface
  • cracks due to shrinkage of the building
  • abrasion of the outer layer as the result of prolonged use of
  • exposure of the reinforcing frame ladder


Consider, to begin repairs to the edges of the stage, as this area undergoes maximum physical effects, and exterior concrete stairs taking temperature fluctuations and exposure to moisture.

Order repairs to the edges of the following steps:

  • clean with a wire brush place of chips
  • primed deep penetration of the injury - after the primer has dried apply the repair solution Teknorep 300, forming smooth corners
  • to build a waterproof circuit for the fixing solution in the product


Now consider the repair of reinforced concrete tread stairs. They are less prone to chipping, but constant exposure to friction, and they eventually wear out. Long process that leads to delamination of the concrete on the tread. Repair in the form of leveling concrete steps not only strengthen the design, and refresh its appearance.

For this we need to:

  • clean the stage from dust, dirt and other substances
  • make incisions over the entire area of the tread
  • treat the surface with primer
  • to build a vertical formwork
  • the prepared solution of Teknogrout EX pour on the tread and align


Note that the layer of solution must be 12-30 mm. For the vertical arrangement of the formwork, we recommend to use a plastic Board, width of 250 mm, which is the maximum standard height of steps. If necessary, it is easy to cut even with a hand saw. Lack of adhesion to the concrete solutions of this material allows us to produce perfectly smooth surface. The formwork can be removed after initial setting, but open to move up the stairs is not recommended before 24 hours.

In conclusion, we can say that the repair concrete stairs and steps, the backboard or marches, possible with his own hands, and the level of complexity of the work depends on the degree of damage. Conducting a complex of works on capital reconstruction of concrete stairs still need to trust the professionals. And remember that the quality of the work depends on the quality of the materials used and recommendations for their use.

Olga Shulga