Repair compound for concrete structures and buildings

Concrete structure in the process of operation are exposed to different factors that lead to different types of damage and cracks. Even in the process of construction of new facilities in violation of technologies of construction or other reasons, there may be situations that require the repair of concrete. After all, if it does not hold, small cracks and chips can turn into large-scale damage or collapse of structures.

To solve these problems, developed a special concrete compositions, which differ in composition and scope. They can consist of many components and have special properties.

Injection repair compounds Teknogrout EX is designed to repair damaged horizontal surfaces, they are specially prepared fill cracks and recesses. They have a high rate of adhesion to concrete, stone and reinforcement cage and do not shrink. The solution is evenly fills and seals securely free space, hardening the repaired surface. Allows the fill layer from 10 to 60 mm.

The use of such a composition is ideal for:

  • the concrete operation of the aircraft runways, railway tracks and large-scale engineering structures
  • the installation of industrial equipment, metal columns, pillars and wells
  • repair sections of joints of concrete products with exposed beams
  • reconstruction of buildings and other objects

Thixotropic repair compounds Teknorep 300 and Teknorep 300 EX is ideal for both horizontal and vertical surfaces and do not shrink. These compounds are reinforced with polymer fibers to improve the compressive strength and Flexural strength.

The use of these compounds allows to eliminate defects with a thickness of 10 to 40 mm, and is used for:

  • repair of concrete products and structures in all kinds of engineering structures
  • repair of concrete products after removing the formwork systems
  • fill the holes from the rebar and coupler screws
  • repairs of prefabricated elements of reinforced concrete

Discussed above repair compositions have resistance to freezing and thawing, are impervious to chemicals and do not cause corrosion of metal elements. Depending on the components they can quickly get to grips with the surface. For example, Teknogrout EX curing time is 2 hours, which can be a huge advantage for urgent and quick repairs. Compliance with the instructions and recommendations of manufacturers will allow you to conduct an effective and quality repair of concrete structures and buildings.

Pismensky Dmitry