21 Sep 2021
Grout for tile joints – Teknoderz EX

A new product from the Tekno trademark is a cement elastic grout with silicone for ceramic tiles, marble and granite Teknoderz EX.

10 Sep 2021
Teknosil W hydrophobic impregnation

Hydrophobizing silane-siloxin impregnation is a water-repellent and strengthening agent for protecting the walls of a house, facade, hydrophobization of brick, stone and concrete.

31 Aug 2021
And again a NOVELTY!!! Polyurethane glue for wood Tekno Deniz Tutkali

One-component polyurethane adhesive for wood Tekno Deniz Tutkali fast action with high adhesion can be used on both vertical and horizontal surfaces.

26 Aug 2021
Izoplast Silver bitumen-aluminum mastic-already in stock

The new Izoplast Silver bitumen-aluminum emulsion from the Polish manufacturer ADW is designed to repair and protect the roof from moisture and UV radiation.

30 Jul 2021
A unique novelty-Teknobond 250 acrylic glue

Water-based acrylic adhesive with increased adhesion strength, designed specifically for gluing floor coverings, such as: natural linoleum, vinyl, linoleum and rubber coatings, carpet, carpet, quartz-vinyl and cork tiles.

18 Dec 2020
Tool for bending rebar in Afacan Alceste

Today you can purchase Afacan manual machines for bending of reinforcing steel in the shop Altsest at Kiev, Petropavlivs'ka Borschagivka, Petropavlivska str 4.