Izoplast Silver bitumen-aluminum mastic-already in stock

How to protect roofs from moisture, ultraviolet rays and heat, and metal elements from corrosion? The answer to this question is obvious – this is a new bitumen-aluminum emulsion Izoplast Silver from the Polish manufacturer ADW. Mastic is a completely ready-to-use product based on an organic solvent with the addition of aluminum pigment, polymers and mineral fillers. Due to the aluminum pigment that is part of the mastic, a protective reflective coating is created.

Areas of use of Izoplast Silver

  • Protection of mastic roofs and bitumen waterproofing from the effects of ultraviolet radiation and surface heating
  • Restoration of the protective layer on old roofing material and bitumen coatings
  • Protection of metal roof from corrosion
  • Waterproofing of bitumen shingles, eternite (artificial slate), galvanized and lacquered tin, roofing
  • Preservation of bitumen surfaces
  • Decorative waterproofing of the roof

You can order a bitumen-aluminum emulsion on our website or by phone number: (067) 238 09 88

Dmitry Pismensky