Teknosil W hydrophobic impregnation

Teknosil W hydrophobizing impregnation is a new, practical and cost-effective tool for wall treatment.  Hydrophobizing silane-siloxin impregnation is a water-repellent and strengthening agent for protecting the walls of a house, facade, a hydrophobizer for brick, stone and concrete. It should be noted that hydrophobizers can also be used for the treatment of wooden structures to prevent rotting.

Advantages of Teknosil W

  • The material is white in color with a high penetrating ability
  • Reduces the negative impact of the atmosphere
  • Resistant to alkalis and UV rays
  • Water-based
  • The material is vapor permeable
  • Keeps the building elements dry, increasing the strength characteristics


After all, we often ask the question "How to preserve the structure and protect it from the destructive effects of negative environmental factors?". Now the answer to this question is already obvious – use the Teknosil W hydrophobizing impregnation.

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Hydrophobizator Teknosil W

Water-repellent insulation material, water-based.

Dmitry Pismensky