Industrial construction

How to choose a rebar bending machine

The rebar can be bent quickly, easily and according to the technology with the help of desktop mechanical machines, electric machines or manual keys for bending Afacan rebar.

What building materials can a chemical anchor be used with

Thixotropic chemical anchor is a polymer mixture that quickly sets and securely fixes threaded studs, anchors and other elements of the fastening system.

How to glue a tree to a tree

Polyurethane adhesive Tekno Deniz Tutkali belongs to a number of one-component adhesive mixtures for wood, is characterized by high adhesion and fast drying.

Which liquid nails to choose

Tekno PU liquid nails are characterized by fast hardening and can be used for gluing almost any materials, including concrete, gypsum, marble, etc.

Installation of formwork over the trench

If the soil in a trench solid and the walls do not fall off, in this case, it is appropriate to do the planking over the trench.

Planking on an uneven surface

Formwork erecting under the current elevation changes on the site, should be at the lowest point higher than at the top.

How to make a formwork with their hands

One of the major advantages of spring clamps-cherosov, is that they are reusable.

The construction of the formwork by means of spring clamps

The spring clip allows to fix the shuttering boards due to what is great for building foundations, walls, columns, etc.

Manual machines for bending of reinforcement AFACAN

AFACAN manual machines combine: high Turkish quality, easy to use, the optimal ratio of price and quality with high mobility.

The use of tie bolts for formwork

Formwork fastener tightening screws and nuts allows you to adjust the width of the concrete shape with millimeter precision.

Spring clamp for formwork – Ciros

Use ciros widely used in the construction of columns and monolithic walls, installation shafts, even in the construction of bridge footings.

Galvanized nut for formwork

Reinforced galvanized nut with a diameter of 100 mm made of wrought iron, can withstand loads up to 20 tons.

Use of washer clamping screw for formwork

The washer transfers the stress that occurs as a result of pressure of concrete on formwork plates of the screed.

The use of caisson formwork for ribbed slabs

The use of monolithic ribbed slab in comparison with flat plates or standard monolithic slab reduces the weight of the ceiling to 40%.

The use of plastic shields for vertical and horizontal formwork

The shields are made of durable plastic and resistant to drops and shocks, do not have adhesion to the concrete, so there is no need to use lubricant for formwork.