Use of washer clamping screw for formwork

Washer for clamping screw is used in fastening systems formwork walls. The whole system consists of shuttering boards, clamping screws and washers. The most crucial element in this system is a coupling screw. From its high quality and strength characteristics depends on the security during concreting and proper operation of the formwork walls. A tightening screw accepts the basic static and dynamic stresses in the concrete mixture in the formwork.

The locking bolts are fastened by nuts on the outside of the shuttering boards, not allowing them to disperse in the concrete mixture. Nuts play the role of a support for boards. It between the nut and the shield creates a maximum voltage.

In this place, between the formwork shield and nut, use washer for tightening screws. It conveys the tension that arises as a result of pressure of concrete on formwork plates of the screed. It is designed to protect the pinch screw from breaking and increase the support area on the edge of forming shield.

In addition it can be noted that the use of washers for the pinch screw prevents the abrasion of the edges of the formwork nuts, protecting them with the screed.

Washers are manufactured from sheet steel with a thickness of 3 to 5 mm with galvanized coating or without it, with holes 17 and 24 mm coupling screw. You can choose any type of washer in our directory.

This element of the fastening system has a low cost and reusable. It fulfills several important functions that will strengthen the attachment and to prolong the life of shuttering boards.

Pismensky Dmitry