How to make a formwork with their hands

The basis of any concrete or reinforced concrete structure is the Foundation that in turn poured into a pre-form mold. It can be of various types and shapes, depending on the nature of the project of the future building, and are made of various materials.

But if you've decided to make the formwork with their hands, then let's focus on the development of non-removable formwork type from a sheet of plywood or wood. The main advantages of these materials can be attributed to the fact that they are relatively inexpensive, do not require hard-to-reach and difficult-to-use tools, and is easy enough to installation, is why we recommend that beginners make the choice in their favor.

Perhaps the main disadvantage of formwork made from wood or plywood is the need to use materials to strengthen it, but using the technology offered by the company Monolit Build, you will defeat this negative aspect to a minimum. What is this innovative promising technology? Don't worry, nothing extraordinary, and certainly no super-expensive. We just offer you to keep pace with the times and use a modern solution to strengthen ties formwork, namely, spring clips, Ciresi, castles, frog or clips. They are absolutely easy to use, and instead of years of experience and sophisticated technology installation, require a special key for clip. Also one of the major advantages of spring clamps-cherosov, is that they are reusable. But all the time, so back to the stages of the construction formwork.



For any high-quality construction, are correct and accurate calculations. Therefore, at the beginning highly recommend you to calculate the required number of boards and other materials.

To calculate, divide the perimeter of the future of the concrete base on the length of the used boards. The height of the Foundation divide by the width of one Board. Multiply these values. This way you will specify the desired number of boards for your formwork. This is an approximate calculation. The exact number depends on the width of the used boards.

First step: you Need to clean up the construction site from any kind of debris or other items that could prevent the further work. It is also necessary to cut the topsoil from the surface.

Step two: Mark the area on the basis of the individual characteristics of your project.

Third step: Type in the corners (and in the case of such need and perimeter with step 600-800 mm) wood blocks for mounting the main elements of the design. Bars drive in such a way that they were on the outside of the casing during its erection.

Fourth step: At this point You need to attach the wooden panels collected from boards, to the previously driven into the ground bars. For their fastening use nails or screws, so you will form the frame of the casing.

Step five: With the aim of preserving the geometric precision of the assembled formwork and to ensure that the boards retain the shape, the design is fixed by means of spring clamps - cherosov and the key for them. This requires a long drill to drill through the formwork, then insert the valve into a hole and fix it with the two outer sides of the formwork using cherosov. To fix simply to spread the clamp on the valve, tighten it to the wooden or plywood sheet and then tighten using a special key.


Compliance with all regulations fixing the formwork sheets into a single structure ensures precision pouring concrete. The dismantling of the structure are fixed with the help of cherosov very simple, you only need to hit a hammer on the tongue of the clip, thereby weakening it, and then easily remove it by hand.

This article is not a full and exhaustive guide on finding the casing, since every project has its own individual characteristics, but you can always ask the experts of the company Monolit Build for more detailed and accurate instructions.

Clamping wrench for spring clamping

The pressure switch is intended for tensioning of reinforcement when attaching the shuttering boards by means of a spring clip Chiros.

Ciros spring clamp for formwork

Ciros allows you to quickly attach the formwork of vertical structures and supports the load up to 2 tons.

Clip for the rebar reinforced

Ciros reinforced spring clip on the valve, takes the load of 3 tons.

Reinforced key for spring clamp

The key to the spring clip with reinforced mechanism for greater durability, designed for tension reinforcement in the fastening of shuttering boards by means of a spring clip.

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