The use of caisson formwork for ribbed slabs

The main motivating factor for the development of science in the construction is to find the optimal types of structures, which can not only save time and money using them but not inferior in strength characteristics analogues. In the construction industry, regardless of direction, reducing consumables and mass of constructed structures is one of the main problems. At the moment, to achieve this purpose, pre-stressed elements, introducing the use of lightweight concrete and applied new effective design. One of the types those are the coffered ceiling.

Such overlapping is also called castoropolis, castability or waffle, depending on the used hollow forms. They represent a ribbed design with mutually perpendicular spaced reinforced ribs. The use of monolithic ribbed slab in comparison with flat plates or standard monolithic slab reduces the weight of the ceiling to 40%, reduces the use of concrete to 60%, by removing it from the bottom of the stretched zone. The rigidity of the plate increases. This allows you to arrange large spans without the use of additional poles up to 18 meters, which gives you more space.

Thus, the use of coffered ceilings has a number of important advantages from the economic and technological points of view. This type of efficient design, already appreciated and widely used in USA and Europe for the construction of municipal buildings, shopping, office and business centers, warehouses and industrial facilities. This method is useful not only in the construction of new buildings but also for retrofitting and restoring a large volume of buildings in centres. In countries with high seismic activity grows and the construction of housing on this technology.

Consider the process of production of caisson ceiling with reusable plastic formwork cassette type Lam Plastik.

The installation process starts with the flooring under the size casinobonususa shapes, then these elements can be easily installed in the design position, the butt joint between the standard and flat forms. This easy process does not take much time. Next, you need to associate the design reinforcement cage and formwork to install the boards along the perimeter of the slab. If necessary, you can use a lubricant for formwork. You can now proceed to submitting a concrete mix, for the laying of the mixture to vibrate.


Dismantling is carried out after the overlap necessary strength. This process is also simple and safe, and easy to get from the ceiling. The result is a lightweight concrete overlay that had not lost in strength. At the same time we increased the usable space underneath, using a minimum of columns, and saved time and money for work and materials. To all the above, it is possible to use more than 100 cycles of the fill.

Due to its shape it is very easy to store and transport. The material is resistant to high temperatures, humidity, construction chemicals and the environment.

Cassette plastic formwork for coffered slabs Lam Plastik made in 78 different sizes, therefore, allows to implement projects of different directions.

Pismensky Dmitry