Galvanized nut for formwork

Tie nut for formwork is an important a fastening element in concrete construction. It is used in combination with a tightening screw in the reinforcement, which are often used in our country. Also included are clips of "cone" and perforated PVC pipe. Thus, we get a system that detects two boards of the formwork together, not allowing them to disperse in the concrete mixture.

In the resulting tie role of the support does the tightening nut, therefore, you should pay special attention to its qualitative and technical characteristics. After performing the fill which whatever the design, we need to be confident in the durability of our formwork. Consider the main qualitative and strength characteristics of the coupling nuts.

The first is the external diameter of the nut than it is, the less pressure is transmitted to the edge of the shield casing. When using nuts small diameter, it is recommended to use a special washer for tightening screw, it is designed to protect the pinch screw from breaking and increase the support area on the edge of the shield casing.

The second is the diameter of the thread, it needs to match the diameter of the through screw.

Third – the material from which the nut is made. Currently, the selection consists of iron and plastic nuts. For small loads up to 4 tons will fit the plastic nuts in the construction industry has always used cast iron. They can withstand loads up to 17 tons.

The fourth is a galvanized coating. Galvanized products last longer, since it is not subject to corrosion and environmental influences.

Now in our market there are many manufacturers and options tightening the nuts. We offer reinforced galvanized nut with a diameter of 100 mm made of forged iron with an internal diameter of 15 mm and a weight of 650 grams. It withstands loads up to 20 tons.

Pismensky Dmitry