The use of plastic shields for vertical and horizontal formwork

When assembling formwork for monolithic construction, we need to create a solid construction, and the choice of materials, including consumables, must consider many factors. Consider, as an example, the choice of sheet material for planking, which can be used for the construction of foundations and the pouring of the floor slabs.

On construction sites as the primary material for the casing sheet is used laminated plywood, which has several qualitative advantages over conventional plywood and plank construction. It has a substantial cost, and the manufacturers we promise a 10 to 30 cycles of re-use, and is a good indicator. Here only these figures are applicable to ideal conditions of use.

In real conditions of use on construction sites, the figure in rare cases up to even 10 times. And all because in the operation process, the sheets are subjected to mechanical stress, padanilam, they appear scratches and chips. Once they get wet, mortar, construction chemicals, it leads to swelling of the boards and they become unusable. No laminate is not able to cope with such loads.

An important aspect is the storage of this sheet material, especially when it was already in use and has some damage. It is necessary to equip a special place at the construction site, to protect it from external factors. All this requires additional time and money. What if there is such a sheet material which is devoid of the disadvantages of laminated plywood, unpretentious to storage conditions. And preferably more than 100 cycles of re-use, and the cost is the same.

There are products made of polymers that have not spared the construction industry. Such examples are plastic sheets for vertical and horizontal formwork. They can be used as fill and the construction of virtually all reinforced concrete structures.

These shields are made of durable plastic and resistant to drops and shocks. Have smooth edges, adjacent the butt joint and create a flat area for pouring floor slabs. Plastic has no adhesion to the concrete, so there is no need to use lubricant for formwork. After raspalubki shields are easy to clean with water without additional detergents.

Plastic panels for formwork has special holes for mounting on the beams to connect them with the valves of spring-loaded clips or tightening screws and nuts for formwork. If you do not want to use them, are closed by special plugs. The size of the shield is very versatile, is 1,000 x 500 x 36 mm. If necessary, the shield is easy to cut a hand or circular saw.

The number of repeated cycles of the use of plastic shields reaches 200 times, it does not require special storage conditions, is absolutely resistant to moisture, construction chemicals and external factors. To all this we can add that under the order it is possible to manufacture boards with different patterns and textures.

Pismensky Dmitry