Spring clamp for formwork – Ciros

Spring clamp for formwork – the "ciros", "frog", "clip", a reinforcing clip or lock for formwork, all these names refer to the same great solution for tightening of shuttering boards. Let's look at all of its quality and advantages in use.

For many years specialists and masters in monolithic construction using a proven method in building the formwork systems. For tightening boards use through-bolts for casing, coupling nut, and the retainer cone, and PVC tubing. It seemed like a great combination, which is time-tested. But this method one, but very significant disadvantage – when removal of formwork in the item of concrete remain holes, which adversely affects the structural strength. They require further processing and use of additional solutions. So this problem we can solve using cirez.

The method of tightening of the formwork with the aid of spring clips is extremely simple and practical. For this we take reinforcing bars with a thickness of 6 to 10 mm, fastened them parallel form panels together. Then on the ends of the rebar we put in our clips. For fixing of clamps we use a special key for chiros. Put the key on the clamp, the upper arm, we fix our clamp, and the lower lever we press. That's the whole installation process. To relieve this castle is quite accurate and strong blow of a hammer on the tongue of the clamp, then tension is lost and it can be easily removed. The last step is cutting the protruding portions of the reinforcing rod.

Use chiros during the construction of the formwork of the Foundation ends. They are widely used in the construction of columns and monolithic walls, installation shafts, even in the construction of bridge footings.

Consider the example of using spring clips, we see the following advantages:

  • during installation we do not need, tubes and cones made from PVC, the savings is obvious
  • the cost of spring clips is 2-3 times lower sets of clamping screws and nuts
  • the process of mounting/Dismounting is extremely easy, takes minimum time
  • the versatility of spring clips allows you to use them in the most non-standard types of formwork


It is worth noting that there are clips of different sizes and with varying degrees of load. Reinforced spring clips can withstand loads up to 3 t, also are extra-thick plates and galvanized and made of hardened steel elements. Itself the mounting mechanism is equipped with heavy-duty tight spring. These clamps are corrosion and external influences. As for the keys to chiros, here, too, are reinforced, they are galvanized and are manufactured with special steel and reinforced mechanism. You can choose the appropriate materials in our product catalogue.


Pismensky Dmitry