Installation of formwork over the trench

The main purpose of the installation of formwork is shaping pour the concrete, which, consequently, will form the Foundation of the building. If the soil in a trench solid and the walls do not fall off, in this case, it is appropriate to do the planking over the trench, as the solid inner soil and act as a natural casing. To build formwork must be at a height that is equal to the height of the Foundation above the ground with a small margin. If the ground is soft and the walls of the trench crumble, in this case, consider the formwork and in the trench and on top of it.

But in this article we take a closer look at the first option. So, your trench is dug up, the soil in her hard and soon the sun will start to rotate around the earth, than it will begin to crumble? In this case, you can safely proceed to the installation of the formwork over the trench.

Material for casing you can choose based on your preference and budget, but mostly uses wooden planks and plywood, so as an example, we use them.

Importantly, the materials for formwork meets the following requirements:

  • The minimum thickness of 2.5 cm
  • The lack of curves and deformation
  • Cracks and knots reduce the strength of wood
  • One side has a smooth surface
  • Smooth edges

Around the perimeter of the land are driven stakes, on which with the help of nails or dowels are attached shields, collected from the planks. To fix the formwork, you need a long drill to make holes in the shields and insert them rebar, which is on the outside of the formwork will be fixed with the help of spring clamps - cherosov or clips of frogs.

This will allow you to securely attach the form to avoid stress in the reinforcement, the deformation of formwork forms, and allows you to withstand heavy loads. Mounting spring clips is very simple and does not require special training and knowledge.

It is enough to put the clip to the valve and fix it using a special key. For dismantling of formwork, fixed with the help of cherosov, so do not need special knowledge and the utmost dexterity. It is enough just to hit a simple hammer the tongue of ciroza and then remove it by hand.

Clamping wrench for spring clamping

The pressure switch is intended for tensioning of reinforcement when attaching the shuttering boards by means of a spring clip Chiros.

Clip for the rebar reinforced

Ciros reinforced spring clip on the valve, takes the load of 3 tons.

Reinforced key for spring clamp

The key to the spring clip with reinforced mechanism for greater durability, designed for tension reinforcement in the fastening of shuttering boards by means of a spring clip.

Ciros spring clamp for formwork

Ciros allows you to quickly attach the formwork of vertical structures and supports the load up to 2 tons.

Pismensky Dmitry