The construction of the formwork by means of spring clamps

Time does not stand still, and no sphere of human activity does not remain without attention of technological progress. Construction area, fortunately, is no exception. Scared to even think how much time, effort and money was spent to build the formwork with the aid of clamping screws and nuts, which was necessary to acquire countless.
But let us leave these problems nipped in the past and talk about the breakthrough in the technology of monolithic construction, namely, a spring clip, which is also referred to as cirez.

Chinois or spring clip allows to fix the shuttering boards due to what is great for building foundations, walls, columns and casting concrete stairs and monolithic belts.



Simplicity, efficiency and cheapness of use of the spring clip in the construction of formwork it has been demonstrated successful experience in the construction of tens of thousands of homes around the world.

Chiros quite easy to use. To lock the clamp, just enough to put it on the fittings and do the same with a wrench for the spring clip. With the top lever to lock the key on the valve, then through a small effort to lower the bottom arm of the key down, thus tightening chiros. All. Ready. Now clip tightly secured.

The dismantling of the clip also does not require sophisticated tools, knowledge and years of experience. Just enough hitting with a hammer on the lip of ciroza, thereby loosening the spring, after which it can be easily removed manually.



But the ease of use, it's not all the advantages of a spring clamp chiros before tightening set screws and nuts.

Let's look at them in more detail.

First, cirez saves you from having to use a cone and PVC pipe, when removing holes which remain require time and effort for processing, waterproofing, and padding.

Secondly, the Assembly remains in the concrete, you will gently file down the edges.

Thirdly, the cost of cherosov is much lower than the cost of a set of tightening screws with nuts.

And finally, you won't need to wonder where to buy the locking bolts are of irregular shape. You generally don't have much to find materials for formwork, because the valve is a consumable item and its large enough number on all construction sites.

The use of cherosov undoubtedly more profitable use of the other components of the formwork. It will save you not only time and energy but also money!

Dmitry Pismensky