Teknocila 300 acrylic varnish is a reliable defender and an excellent decorator of concrete surfaces

Despite the high strength characteristics of concrete structures, they need additional protective coatings. This is due to the influence of atmospheric factors and mechanical loads. One of the best materials for this is Teknocila 300 acrylic, shockproof, multi - purpose concrete varnish.

  • The scope of use of acrylic varnish for concrete can be the widest: from underground parking lots and shopping centers to production workshops for various purposes.



Everywhere, acrylic varnish will create the necessary protective layer and give the concrete a beautiful shiny look. It is resistant and will not require repeated application for many years.

Acrylic varnish for concrete based on an organic solvent from the Tekno trademark is a proven solution that allows you to provide reliable protection, decorative finishing and high strength characteristics of the concrete surface.

Varnish for concrete Teknocila 300

Shockproof multi-purpose nail for concrete based on acrylic.

Dmitry Pismensky