The use of microbutton for the decoration of rooms and premises

Microbienne mixture nowadays gaining a huge popularity worldwide not only because of its high quality and strength characteristics, but also the opportunity to create with them a unique cover with original elements. Let us examine in more detail this kind of coverage.

The main components of the mixture of microbeta are cement and marble chips fine fraction, additional elements can be polymer components, color pigments and other additives. Compounds are supplied in dry form, and preparation for the application produced immediately before application to the surface. The result is a very durable coating that is practically not subjected to mechanical influences.

Unlike microcement, which is marble dust quartz filler is included, microbutton on the surface virtually indistinguishable from the marble slab, which gives it a noble appearance. Also, it is understood that with the help of microbeta are created equal and smooth surface devoid of seams, with the finished surface stands out with smooth color transitions and light texture. All of this creates a relaxed and easy atmosphere that is perfect for creating interiors in a industrial style, or "Loft".

The use of microbeta floor (Granito Floor) and walls (Granito Wall) was so widespread that now it creates competition even so quite costly materials like marble or granite. And not to be unfounded, let's look at all the benefits of this coverage.

The versatility of microbion is in the possibility to apply it on virtually any surface. Excellent adhesion provides excellent adhesion with other materials, and it can be used even on uneven, curved surface. In some cases it is used as the basis for creating floors from mosaic, coatings, sinks in the bathrooms.

High strength and resistance to wear microbeta Granito Floor allows you to use it as a finishing coat even for surfaces with high traffic, use it for finishing the stairs, as an alternative solution to tile surfaces without joints and seams. Degree of water resistance not inferior to the tile floors, while it has high impact strength and is permeable to water vapour. Such surfaces can be washed with water or neutral detergent, but to exclude the use of abrasive elements.


The unique structure of the surface of Granito Wall is achieved by applying three layers. First as a primer provides excellent surface traction, the second – decorative, forms the structure and pattern, the third protects the surface from abrasion and moisture. Add variety using paint pigments when mixing the solution that will enable you to create surface shades for any taste.

Ease of use and applying the solution saves time, and does not require special and complicated tools. In practice, this leaves us yields about 50 m2 of finished surface per day. Yes, apply the material by hand, but this way we get a unique surface. Granito Floor is self-leveling property, so that perfectly eliminates all surface defects.

The waterproofing quality of the surface of microbeta gets through the smallest particles of cement in the mixture, and hence the popularity of application of it to finish the kitchen, bathroom and other rooms with high humidity. And thanks to the seamless surface eliminates the possibility of accumulation of dirt or the formation of mildew, which is not possible when using tile materials. For absolute protection against moisture surface microbeta coated with a protective polyurethane varnish.

Simple surface preparation. It must be dry, sound and clean. When it has cracks or cavities, they must be previously repaired with a suitable repair mix Teknorep 300 or Teknorep 300EX.

The use of microbeta opens up endless possibilities for architects and designers, embodying the dreams of the customers with the most interesting ideas. It is worth noting that each new surface using microbeta will be unique with an individual pattern on each centimeter of the coating.

Pismensky Dmitry