Polyurethane paint for interior and exterior surfaces

Polyurethane paint due to its properties allows you to protect the surface from various mechanical, chemical or atmospheric influences. Because polyurethane is a plastic polymer material, a paint based on it differs markedly from other peers and allows to extend the scope of.

Depending on the purpose of the polyurethane paint may be one - and two-component. The first is not in its composition do not contain curing agents, and the function of the humidity of the ambient air. The use of such paints is limited by environmental conditions. Two-component compositions, an example of which is Teknobond 650P, and is supplied in two containers as a unit, separately coloring composition and a curing agent.

This separation of components gives several advantages:

  • the opportunity to prepare the amount of paint for a single application, and the remainder will not lose their quality during storage
  • polymerization and curing of the paint do not depend on the surrounding conditions and occur without the participation of humidity
  • get a more durable and wear-resistant coating, in contrast to one-component compositions
  • allows you to apply for the protection of surfaces with special requirements

The field of application two-component polyurethane paints spread on the surface of concrete, metal, asphalt, stone, polyurethane. They provide excellent adhesion to these materials.

Concrete surfaces are the most durable building material, but the negative influence of the environment lead to its gradual destruction. At the production sites of the concrete surface are subjected to high mechanical stresses and chemical attack. Drawing on such grounds polyurethane paint prevents these processes and at the same time protects the surface.

In the domestic sphere thus can be protected from moisture and mold spaces with a possible or constant high humidity such as basements, swimming pools and bathrooms. As Teknobond 650P is resistant to UV rays and temperature extremes it is used for painting metal roofs. In addition to high strength colored polyurethane paint surface is elastic and therefore is applicable to polyurethane and baseboards allows you to bend it without risk.

Paint based on polyurethane will last a long time, where other coatings will break down from exposure to aggressive environment. Ease of use paint on asphalt and concrete surfaces allows you to quickly apply symbols, markers and pointers in areas with pedestrian loads in open spaces.

The process of applying two-component polyurethane paints is quite simple. Surface for application of the mixture is cleaned from dust, dirt, oils, and debris. Then components are mixed at the given ratio low speed with a mixer for 2-3 minutes until a homogeneous mixture. Apply the paint by any available and convenient manner, by brush, roller or using a spray. Please note that the mixture contains in its composition of the solvent during the work should wear protective glasses and gloves. Tools and equipment after use must be cleaned with solvent.

In the end, the surface covered with two-component polyurethane paint, resistant to moisture, temperature changes, various chemicals, weathering and mechanical loads. The unique qualities of this coating put it to paints.

Pismensky Dmitry