Self-levelling floors, self-leveling mortar

When faced with a situation where it is necessary to perform high-quality, smooth and ready for finishing the surface of concrete floor, we have two options. You can spend a lot of time and effort on the sealing of the pits and damage, to wait for them to dry and proceed to the screed. This process can last a month. But modern building materials and technologies give us the opportunity to make a gender-based self-leveling compounds, so-called "levels". Applying such mixtures, we get ready for finishing the surface after a few hours.

Self-leveling mixture consists of fine fillers, so the finish is smoother than conventional screed. A binder may be cement or gypsum and special additives can be polymeric and mineral components. They improve the quality of the finished blends, enhance its adhesion and give it elasticity and ability to spread evenly over the surface.


When choosing a mixture also worth to take into account the thickness of the fill. For example, if the coating is up to 10 mm thick, you can apply self-leveling Teknoselfif there is a need to fill the surface up to 30 mm, used Teknoself 500.

The advantages of these compounds it is difficult to overestimate:

  • they are easy to apply and create a perfectly smooth surface
  • cracking, even at low thickness of the coating
  • they can be used with Underfloor heating
  • they can be used both indoors and outdoors, and the finished surface has an increased resistance to stress (Teknoself 500).
  • the finished surface is ready for foot traffic after only 2 hours.


We now turn to the process of pouring the floor. First we need to prepare the surface for application: clean it from oils, rust and other substances that may reduce the adhesion of the mortar to the surface. If the surface has cracks or cavities – fill them to the special repair compounds Teknorep 300 or Teknorep 300 EX. To increase the adhesion of prepared surface can be treated soil composition Teknolatex 300.

To prepare the solution, we need a clean container in which to add 5-6 liters of water. Then produce mixing using a low speed mixer (400 rpm), gradually adding the mixture. Continue the process until a homogeneous mixture. Now the prepared solution is distributed evenly over the surface, starting in the far corner, to eliminate bubbles using a spiked roller. Please note that the finished solution should be used within 30 minutes.

After laying protect the surface from adverse weather conditions and direct sunlight, and the tools and equipment should be rinsed with water immediately after use.

The casting process is complete, after 2 hours you can start finishing the surface under your preferences: ceramic, granite, marble, parquet or linoleum. To create a highly efficient surface protection against wear, water and chemicals can use a special varnish material Teknocila 400. It contains no solvents and made of water-based acrylic. In addition to the protective properties it creates on the surface a bright film layer.

In the end we figured out that to level the floor really is possible simply and in a short time. Self-leveling compounds have a lot of advantages, affordable price and easy to use. Please note that the material consumption is necessary to calculate in advance and choose a good blend.

Pismensky Dmitry