Outdoor terraces, verandas and patios on adjustable supports Karoapp

Private house, it's a great outlet for many nature lovers. On-site as a relaxing retreat, or fun with family and friends outdoors, and to grow vegetable crops or gardening. In General, do all what is in the soul. But rarer is finding a place of Zen confined to the house. After all, suburban area becomes a unique and finished look only when it includes all the necessary elements. Without the decoration, the space often feels empty and faceless, so more and more people are resorting to settling their estates, with simple but cosy designs such as a deck, porch or patio.

In some aspects, these structures are very similar, but between them there are some differences with what we offer to understand a little bit more.

Let's start with the design, which is called "patio". The tradition of decorating came to us from the edges of the Mediterranean sea and in translation from Spanish means "courtyard", and fully discloses its purpose. The patio area is a paved outdoor area, often hidden from prying eyes by hedges or climbing plants.

An outdoor terrace is usually closely adjoins the house and can be covered by a roof, making it, in fact, improved patio. It can be enclosed by a railing or curb or not to protect itself at all, thereby creating a buffer open space between the house and the garden.



A porch is a covered platform that is on the same level with the first floor of the house and can be fully or partially enclosed with railings.

Regardless of which of these designs you wish to see in his private house, with a system of adjustable feet Karoapp its installation will not cause you much hassle and will save your time.

Adjustable feet Karoapp are a reliable basis for all kinds of finish coating and are installed on various surfaces. Thanks to them you can correct any irregularities and to lift the floor covering to the desired height. As for the materials used as a finish coating for terraces, patios and porches, they can be very diverse: decking from natural wood or composite, stone slabs, granite tiles, wooden slabs, garden flooring.



By keeping the gaps between the plates of the finishing coat and greatly facilitated the flow of water down and removing it in the gutter. Which greatly simplifies the cleaning of verandas, terraces or patio, because it allows you to wash off dirt with a hose. Gap, which has in the underground space, provides free circulation of the air, which eliminates the appearance and development of mold and mildew.

Adjustable feet Karoapp are made of high-strength and high-quality polypropylene. They work on the principle of a screw Jack are easy to adjust for height, which allows you to set the desired floor level, with accuracy to the millimeter. Moreover, the presence of a corrector of the angle of tilt from 0 to 7% allows to choose the desired tilt angle. This approach allows us to provide a strictly horizontal surface of the veranda, terrace, or patio. Adjustable feet Karoapp are also very sturdy base, they are able to withstand loads up to 900 kg on one leg.

As you saw yourself, regardless of what type design to decorate your country site is to your liking, adjustable legs Karoapp will surprise you with the ease of installation and long service life.

The fasteners for the supports

The fasteners for the supports allow you to securely attach frame and coated on supports to change the angle and offset of the load.

Adjustable feet Karoapp®

System adjustable feet allows to create a coating to the desired height.

Fixed support Karoapp®

The supports have a certain fixed height in the range of 2 to 30 mm.

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