The advantage of using adjustable feet Karoapp

Easy-to-perfectly flat floor, with the adjusted tilt angle, under which you can lay plumbing communication and network engineering. Previously, it sounded only as a distant dream on the verge of fantasy. But thanks to the innovative adjustable supports Karoapp® and the experts of the company Monolit Build dream becomes a reality.

Adjustable feet Karoapp® is the product Turkish manufacturer, which is manufactured by using innovative technologies and meets all international quality standards.
System adjustable feet Karoapp® is an economical alternative solution which allows to do without the use of a concrete rod for leveling the floor under the topcoat and allows you to compensate for all the irregularities and slope of the surface at no additional cost.



The advantages of the adjustable feet Karoapp®:

Adjustable feet Karoapp® is able to create a free space (18 to 1083 mm) between the waterproofing and the final flooring to accommodate plumbing communications and engineering networks with the possibility of rapid access and the manipulation with them.

Havenstallation of the supports can be carried out without mechanical fastening, allowing you to prevent the possibility of damage to the waterproofing layer.

Each leg Karoapp® is capable of withstanding a load of 900 kg, and the width of the bases of the support is 200 mm When laying the lag, or plates, under the influence of its own weight, the design becomes fixed. For ease and speed of installation of coatings on supports have been developed special clamps, connecting rod, gasket and compensating the offset angle.

Adjustable feet Karoapp® with the offset angle of up to 7% may be used on roof surfaces of different configuration, giving the plane of the cover horizontal position.

The use of a system of adjustable legs enables you to quickly create a coating of the required height without changing the height of the facade of the building and not to overload the surface for furnishing terraces, open balconies, playgrounds and recreational areas.

Adjustable feet Karoapp® are ideal for temporary and seasonal structures, such as summer areas of restaurants and pools, scenes, and outdoor patios. At the end of the season, such design can be easily disassembled and stored until next year.

The shape and design of the supports was specially designed for maximum convenience, the paving, which can be used: tile materials from ceramic, polycarbonate, glass, plank of wood and composite materials; grilles of metal and polymer materials; joists of metal and wood for laying decking.

Adjustable support Karoapp® works on the principle of a lifting Jack. Due to the threaded connection it can ascend to the desired height. It is used as a single element in the collection. Thus, the supports are fixed at the corners of the plates and, if necessary, on the sides.

Are made adjustable legs from high quality polypropylene which is environmentally safe material. Polypropylene supports have several advantages compared to their metal alternatives. They do not corrode, are waterproof, and has no negative impact on the waterproofing of any kind even during prolonged use. This material has a high resistance to temperature and can be operated in the range from -35 to 40 C.


I hope that this article helped you to understand the advantages of the use of adjustable feet Karoapp® for quick mounting frame and arrangement of all kinds of deck coatings, pedestrian walkways and fountains, the creation of the public raised floors, office spaces and server rooms.

But if you still have questions, you can always contact the experts of the company Monolit Build, which will provide all the necessary information for you.

Pismenskaya Dmitry