Adjustable legs for the device pedestrian fountains

What transcendent pleasure is others sincere enthusiasm of the child trying to run between jets of the foot fountain, representing that he is a fugitive from laser beams his imaginary opponent. Yes, and those who had long been 6 years sometimes escape from the bustle of adult life and once again feel like a carefree child, able to enjoy every moment. Perhaps it is the deep desire of many citizens and caused such a rapid spread of pedestrian fountains in our country. But even if this theory is not true, in any case, "dry" or walking by a fountain, is a beautiful and highly desirable solution for hot city. It perfectly refreshes the air, and it's nice to feel a few drops of the cool breeze on the skin on a hot summer day or to enjoy the movement of water illuminated in time to the music in the evening twilight.

You have already provided all of this and from the arrangement of the foot fountain you are separated only thought about what his installation will take time and will require a huge staff of experts? Good news! Thanks to the adjustable supports Karoapp you will need to build a sophisticated framework for your fountain, because all you need to do is to determine its estimated sizes and our experts will do the calculation for the required number of supports in the shortest time.

Mounting foot fountain with adjustable feet Karoapp will not take much time, and in the hollow space between the base and the final coating, you will easily be able to carry out all necessary communications of, for example, place the cable for the backlight.

You can achieve your wildest dreams using super powerful pumps that will make your water the performance even more exciting. And if you are planning to make a fountain for public use, you don't need to worry about the possible load, because each adjustable support Karoapp can withstand 900 kg.

Adjustable feet Karoapp resistant to aggressive environments and well maintained even in high humidity conditions (a fountain without water does not happen). They are resistant to pests, rot, are not fertile ground for the development of mold and mildew. High quality polypropylene functional at low and high temperatures, and the use of antifreeze additives allows to increase the lower temperature limit to minus 40ºC.


So if You are planning to build a walking fountain for personal or public use, the installation of which will not take much time, and the operational period will appreciate its durability, rather contact us, because Karoapp adjustable feet are ideal for this purpose!

Adjustable feet Karoapp®

System adjustable feet allows to create a coating to the desired height.

Fixed support Karoapp®

The supports have a certain fixed height in the range of 2 to 30 mm.

The fasteners for the supports

The fasteners for the supports allow you to securely attach frame and coated on supports to change the angle and offset of the load.

Miroslav Bilaga