Winter garden on the roof with the help of adjustable feet

Winter gardens on the roof are not only modern and fashionable solution, but also have their piercing-century history. The first mention of them in the picture with the image of stone vases in the palaces of Ancient Egypt dates back to the 4th Millennium BC. Then the Egyptians this idea was adopted by the ancient Romans, who placed mini gardens on their windowsills. Wealthy owners of estates could afford a garden in the heart of the building, which was surrounded by mighty columns.

The Europeans have not remained indifferent to this idea, and already in the XI century king of Holland William have arranged a flower garden in his Palace. Shortly thereafter came the "orange house" is a structure, which is a year-round blooming citrus.

Orangery at Versailles, Louis XIV is considered the most beautiful in the history of mankind, and we have the opportunity to see this and to this day. In the XVIII century to replace the popularity of citrus trees, in the prior art conservatories, came tropical plants which delighted the eye by their exoticism and a riot of colors. In 1854 the Englishman Joseph Paxton built the "Crystal Palace" – the progenitor of the modern winter garden.

In our time to build a winter garden on the roof of his house quite a feasible task. The main desire and knowledge of optimal technologies and solutions. Just one of such solutions is system of adjustable feet Karoapp. It will save you from having to build a complicated multi-layer substrate under a topcoat of your future garden. Also due to the hollow space will allow you to hide all the necessary utilities, and provide an easy access to them.

Adjustable feet Karoapp established on any basis and do not require additional fixing, which is very important when working with the roof, for use supports the waterproofing layer shall not be damaged and lose its integrity.

Also due to the fact that support Karoapp are equipped with a corrector of inclination of up to 7 %, they will easily be able to give the final coating strictly horizontal position, even given the fact that the roof was made at an angle to divert water.

Adjustable feet Karoapp made of high-strength and high-quality polypropylene, which can withstand loads up to 900 kg on one leg and is heat-resistant and moisture-proof material, which prevents the development of harmful environment, such as mold and fungus.


The arrangement of the winter garden on the roof is not the easiest undertaking, but the result is clearly worth it! A system of adjustable feet Karoapp will significantly accelerate and facilitate this process. Contacting the specialists of the company Monolit Build, you will receive professional advice and all the necessary mistakes in the shortest possible time.

Fixed support Karoapp®

The supports have a certain fixed height in the range of 2 to 30 mm.

The fasteners for the supports

The fasteners for the supports allow you to securely attach frame and coated on supports to change the angle and offset of the load.

Adjustable feet Karoapp®

System adjustable feet allows to create a coating to the desired height.

Dmitry Pismensky